About 122 North


122 North is a small digital design studio that I crafted to create and bring ideas to life. I was already freelancing, but I thought it was time to build something on my own. It was named after the hardest working man I know. So with that said, I hope to build something I am proud of. I specialize in web + mobile design, web development, brand identity + logo design, and layout + print design.

I listen to your story, understand your business, and create a beautiful product that both reflects your brand identity and serves as an effective marketing tool for years to come.


About Me

I see a web developer with a background in marketing and graphic design that is able to design and build a website or app from concept. I love design and had the opportunity to do a few projects for the web. Unable to make my designs come to life, I took a leap of faith. With some wild goals, I wanted to be able to at the very least understand both sides of the process, the design and development.

I recently completed the University of Texas Bootcamp in April 2018 while doing design freelance work including branding, logo design, web design, and digital content such as videos for social media. I am currently looking for new opportunities where I can utilize both skills sets, development + design. 

Due to my experience in a variety of industries from real estate to marketing, I am adept at both working with and leading teams of all backgrounds. I understand that there are some skill sets that I may lack, but because many of my skill sets are self-taught – trust that any that I lack, I will learn.


What am I up to now?

Well other than freelancing, I say the learning never stops! One of the topics we learned in the University of Texas coding bootcamp was React. I wanted to dive deeper while also learning Redux and React Native.  I chose and am in the process of completing the React Nanodegree from Udacity.

My current interests and what I am working to improve include digital content such as videos and illustrations, web design using Sketch, photography, and calligraphy. 


Say Hello!

Does your interests align with mine? Let's be friends! I am always looking for people to collaborate or to learn with. Want to work with me? I am always open to new opportunities and fun projects so do not be shy! 

Feel free to e-mail me at or DM me on any of my social media accounts! Until next time.