Would You Rather

Front-End Development

Would You Rather is a project incorporating React with Redux. The project's goal was to improve to improve the predictability of the application's state, to establish strict rules for getting, listening, and updated the store, and to identify what state should live inside of Redux and what state should live inside of React components.

The app begins on a login page where you will have the option to select a user from a precomposed list. Once the user is authenticated, the user will be able to toggle between the user's unanswered question and answered questions on his or her homepage, which is located at the root. The user will also have the ability to ask his or her own questions. To bring in some healthy competition, the application contains a leaderboard. Users are in order of descending order based on the sum of questions asked and questions answered. The more questions the user asks and answers, the higher up the user moves.

The link: www.flavasave.com